The S in STAF means always Stay Yourself,

You're always going to be much more amazing being yourself than you are trying to be someone else. So even though we standardise the training, we want you to be you.

The T in STAF means Think Openly,

This is easier said than done, because to think openly means you have to try something new, which will inevitably lead to some mistakes, and when we make mistakes, as human beings, it's only natural to sometimes feel silly, frustrated or even upset. That's why we make our training zones a safe place to make mistakes in.

In fact we celebrate mistakes with high fives, because when you make a mistake, you have stepped out of your comfort zone, taken a risk. So though you will make some mistakes, the mistakes will become a lesson, which becomes the education.

Coco Chanel once eloquently said "we learn from what we do wrong, not what we do right."

The A in STAF means Act Responsibly,

When you make a mistake, don't lay blame, justify, deny or make excuses. That's just brushing the mistake under the carpet and we won't learn anything from that. When we make a mistake we encourage you to be responsible for it, celebrate it, high five it, share and discuss it so we can all learn from the wealth of both everybody's mistakes and successes.

Last but not least:

The F in STAF is for Feel the Energy,

...and have some fun. That's why we High Five, Big Ten, and have even been known, on occasions, to run around the room to music, because we simply believe that we learn more and remember more when the education is fun and energised.